Entertainment for kids. Many interactive activities in a colorful play area adapted for the youngest. Coloring page to print, online games. Join the Kid.re community. Secure, free and easy registration to back up scores and connect from multiple devices.Get your colored pencils and chooses a coloring to print. A thousand creatives colorings classified in a dozen categories inspired by everyday life. Add your favorites colorings in your favorites to find them easily. The bag is used to set aside the drawings you want coloring later.All Internet coloring pages are colorable here. Selection among hundreds of categories or imports of coloring from the device. All colors are available as well as hundreds of textures. An anti-burden facilitates coloring for kids. The colored drawing can be downloaded.Thousands of free gif animated images to entertain kids. The GIF format offers the possibility for images to move. The movement of animated images draws the attention of kids, providing an interesting educational support to increase their vocabulary.The media library brings together collections of images, photos, videos and sounds for entertainment and to strengthen the encyclopedic knowledge of kids who allow themselves to be guided by their curiosity. The selection favors the quality of the computer graphics in high definition by adding a brief explanatory description.Listen to beautiful songs of young singers who have developed their vocal talent alone, in a group or with a choir. Learn to use your hearing to distinguish sounds and try to reproduce them.Activity ideas to entertain and amuse kids presented with quality explanations and illustrations. View photos, videos and animated images of young people doing these activities. It is then up to you, according to your wishes, to exercise your talents as artistic creators, which develops the fine psychomotricity of the body. The cohesion and the interaction of the group of participants are reinforced when the activity is practiced with several people. Sports teach self-control, coordination of body movements, improvement of physical capacity and psychological stability favorable to general good health.